Rise Of Healers

Hello to all my dear friends and comrades,

In the midst of ongoing disaster that has struck the whole world and has made people panicky.

I say to you, don’t panic. Please don’t.

I have an exercise for you. Believe me, trust me that if you do this heartily…you will indeed make a difference. A difference that can literally cure the whole world and if not the whole world then your whole surroundings for sure. Now I will tell you a strange trick that will have a good impact on the life of people currently suffering and the ones who are going to suffer.

Universe is a living entity. It talks, it moves, it is just like us. Everyone born on this planet is born with the covering of universal energy, which of course one cannot see but if meditated well then one can feel for sure. Without briefing you much I am sharing you 2 methods to meditate….

  1. Third eye meditation: Here you just need to close your eyes. And believe that you have a third eye that is between the eyebrows, just a little bit upside. You need to focus all your energy, all your thoughts at that point (the third eye point). Focus till you feel something there. It will take time but eventually you will be surprised. Mark my words. So once done this, like when you have focussed totally on that point. Now begin to pray, pray with all your mind and with all your authority. Your prayer should be very commanding, like you are the leader and universe is the servant and it has to listen. Do this timely and you yourself will notice the change soon.
  1. Ear Eye meditation: Here you need to close your eyes and make ears your eyes. By that I want to say…when you close your eyes, you must only focus on the present noises coming from the surroundings. Focus till you yourself become conscious of what you are doing. That will happen automatically when practiced again and again. Once you are present in the exact moment and there are no thoughts popping in your mind. Start praying once you enter that state. And as I said your prayer should be commanding.

In both the techniques mentioned above there are 3 points that needs to be followed thoroughly….

  1. Believe in what you are doing. Believe that all is true and this world is magical.
  2. While praying….you should know that someone is near and listening to you.
  3. The most important one. Timing. 4:30 AM in the morning till 5:30 AM. Where 4:44 AM being the perfect time when universe opens up his ear to the Mother Earth. 

Remember timing is everything…just as I said that from 4:30 to 5:30 is the time when universe does listen to a pleading heart and a commanding mind. You can even start this exercise from 3:30 as well…but keep in mind that you do this with all of your believing. You can do this for hours as well but I advice you to at least do it for more than 15 minutes. If we all do this, it will surely make a difference.

To start with….Lets pray for the one who are suffering in Italy…and those who will undergo suffering in India soon. And remember that whatever you pray it might just get heard. 

I should not make any promises right now but I know, i know for sure that if you pray, somewhere in this world something good will happen.

As a friend kindly listen to me and test it yourself. Hope that universe answers all of your prayers…the good ones indeed even though if they are the foolish ones.

Kindly do share your experience, and if you are lazy enough to share then at least please practice it once.

Thank you.

Yours lovingly,


God has just shown Himself

True God has just shown himself:

O’ my sweet dear one. In the midst of disaster and disease, have you found the one you were looking for?

The temples, the churches and the Masjids are all closed, the verses of the holy books have just become mute.

Know that the true god has just shown himself, the faith has finally made itself seen. Hospitals are the real holy places and a good doctor my dear friend is the true God.

I have so far loved your childishness to seek him in the invisible and the unknown. Now hold this truth dearly for you will find hundreds of god playing flutes in a pure heart made up of gold, forever made to help and rise. I have seen your thirst for mystery, now behold this glass of simplicity that I give you, drink my friend, drink from it the love of life, the compassion of universe. Humanity indeed my friend is the true charm of god and human who thrives in there is in true sense the pure little god.

If you ever had a chance to meet a healer, a man who turns diseases into dust. My friend know that you finally have got your enlightenment. To meet a holy person in form. Helpfulness indeed is holiness. I can keep on sprinkling many weird and strange secrets upon you, but what use is it? A simple tuck on your head to bring you out of this dream god will just do. Faith that is hidden is indeed sweet but the one that makes you to believe in person is so far more lovelier. O’ my dear close one to whom I speak all this, know that if you can find god in the things you see, you have already unearthed thousands of secrets riped beneath the sky. 

People who make you feel that you are loved, who make you feel you are safe, who judge you not and knows the light in you. O’ my dear friend True God has just shown himself. He has just shown himself in numbers.

-The Speaking Heart Prophet