God has just shown Himself

True God has just shown himself:

O’ my sweet dear one. In the midst of disaster and disease, have you found the one you were looking for?

The temples, the churches and the Masjids are all closed, the verses of the holy books have just become mute.

Know that the true god has just shown himself, the faith has finally made itself seen. Hospitals are the real holy places and a good doctor my dear friend is the true God.

I have so far loved your childishness to seek him in the invisible and the unknown. Now hold this truth dearly for you will find hundreds of god playing flutes in a pure heart made up of gold, forever made to help and rise. I have seen your thirst for mystery, now behold this glass of simplicity that I give you, drink my friend, drink from it the love of life, the compassion of universe. Humanity indeed my friend is the true charm of god and human who thrives in there is in true sense the pure little god.

If you ever had a chance to meet a healer, a man who turns diseases into dust. My friend know that you finally have got your enlightenment. To meet a holy person in form. Helpfulness indeed is holiness. I can keep on sprinkling many weird and strange secrets upon you, but what use is it? A simple tuck on your head to bring you out of this dream god will just do. Faith that is hidden is indeed sweet but the one that makes you to believe in person is so far more lovelier. O’ my dear close one to whom I speak all this, know that if you can find god in the things you see, you have already unearthed thousands of secrets riped beneath the sky. 

People who make you feel that you are loved, who make you feel you are safe, who judge you not and knows the light in you. O’ my dear friend True God has just shown himself. He has just shown himself in numbers.

-The Speaking Heart Prophet

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